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The heritage of evil flows like a dark river
Terror comes
Terror, the call of hell
Weird power blows, the demon's day, the death's encounter
Sinister clang, tolling of the devillish bell

I spitted death

To a black crown
To its blackness
And shadows go blast
Drink! - to witches sippin' hot blood
To satan's flute
Ominous cult
To heavy metal
I drank your wine from sour grapes like sin

When it came
They wanted my head
I spitted night
That night witches bathed in blood
I heard tortured yell
The sign that the black ace had just come
I saw my face on his card
Necklaces of bones are to my waist

I make them afraid
Funny people never know
How lost they are in faith
I will get’em all.

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